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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mets Rx: Health Update

Pedro Martinez came back last night and pitched reasonably well. His fastball creeped into the low 90s, and he climbed the ladder on several occasions en route to 5 Ks in 5 decent innings. He did allow 3 solo homeruns, but that had more to do with missing location than his stuff, which was pretty good.

John Maine is being skipped for precautionary reasons and feels good about his return. His MRI detected only minor swelling and no damage. Maine plans to throw both his sideline sessions before his start on Friday.

Ryan Church continues his increasing workout regiment and will fly to NY on Monday for an evaluation. If all goes well, expect to see Church back next week.

Luis Castillo DH'd for Port St Lucie and is progressing well. Expectations are for him to play a week's worth of games and, if all goes well, re-join the big club..

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Anonymous said...
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Dylan said...

Come on. You expect Billy Wagner to go out and throw a whole season without a blown save? Being a Met fan, I'm stunned to see how little appreciation the rest of you have, especially after that debacle in Philadelphia. His ERA is around 2.00, so lets give him some credit.
That being said, this is how the Mets looked when they were a sub-500 team. Let's hope they can keep the wheels on the track.

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