NY Sports Dog: Who is Luis Aguayo (and Why is He Crushing Our Hopes and Dreams?)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who is Luis Aguayo (and Why is He Crushing Our Hopes and Dreams?)

A small stirring from deep in the recesses of my brain began to emerge after Happy Endy was thrown out at the plate for the second time in the game.

The camera caught a closeup of Mets third-base coach Luis Aguayo and it hit me like a ton of bricks....I knew this guy!

Oh sure, the signature beard was gone and the uniform looked different, but the disguise wasn't fooling me!

It was 1987, just a year after the 1986 Mets made history and brought Mets fans the "joy of Joys" during the greatest year of baseball any Mets fan could remember.

Yes, 1987...we thought the dynasty would live on, how could it not?

I will tell you how: Luis Aguayo!

Luis Aguayo was a journeyman utility infielder who could barely hit his weight. He spent the majority of his career with the Phillies, yes Mets fans, the Phillies.

Before 1987 he had amassed just 18 homeruns in parts of 7 seasons. And then it happened--Luis Aguayo found his inner Kingman and started hitting homeruns.

It didn't last long my friends, oh no, it only lasted a season. Somehow, someway little Luis Aguayo hit 12 homeruns in 209 at-bats for those damn Phillies in 1987.

And now for the clincher--his last homerun of the year, on Sep 30th in the 10th inning off Jesse Orosco, eliminated the Mets from the pennant.

Done, gone, sayonara, hasta lasagna, finito, go home. The Mets finished second that year, and Luis Aguayo sent us packing.

Cut to last night. "Our" third base coach, and former Philly, once again crushed our hopes and dreams, albeit only for one game, by sending Happy Endy to the plate twice from third with almost no chance of success...no outs and the cleanup hitter due up.

Did I mention Luis Aguayo also played for the Yankees?

You'll fool me longer Mr Luis Aguayo...Met Nation is on to you!

All kidding aside, let's get them tonight my friends...one game at a time.

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