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Monday, July 21, 2008

Destiny is Calling

After all of the bumblings and grumblings of the first 99 games of the season, the Mets suddenly find themselves in 100% control of their own destiny, and they partly have the MLB schedule makers to thank for that.

Consider these factors:

  • The Mets won't travel to the West coast again unless it's to play the Dodgers in the Playoffs (and we'll all welcome that )
  • The Mets have 35 Home games and 28 Away games remaining
  • The combined winning percentage of the Mets remaining opponents is .488
  • The Mets have 8 games left with the Phils, and 6 are at home
  • The Mets finish the season with a 7 game homestand
  • Of the Mets 28 remaining Away games, 7 are against the Nats and 4 are against the Pirates
  • The Mets play the Marlins 12 more times, 6 Home and 6 Away, and can do major damage to the Marlins chances
  • The Marlins play the Phils, Mets, Cubs and Cards 35 more times in their 64 remaining games--brutal
  • The Cards and Brewers play the Cubs 9 and 10 times, respectively, and play each other 6 more times
The Phillies have a similar schedule with a few glaring differences--they have 31 Home games left and 32 Away games, and they have a 7 game West coast trip during the dog days of August.

Additionally, the Phils go to Chicago for their 4 games against the Cubs, while the Mets play host. This is important because the Cubs are far and away the best Home team in the NL--37-12 at Home vice 21-28 on the road.

All things being equal I like the Mets chances, and it all starts tomorrow night, at Home, against the Phils.
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