NY Sports Dog: Mets Young Guns Blaze the Nats

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mets Young Guns Blaze the Nats

New York Mets pitcher Michael Pelfrey before a Mets/Devil Rays spring training game at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.For you numbers geeks out there how about this...

24, 24, 25, 26, 28

Those are the ages of Mike Pelfrey, Jose Reyes, David Wright, Angle Pagan, and Duaner Sanchez.

But aren't these the "old" Mets? The Nats don't think so.

Big Pelf had a terrific start, throwing 7 strong innings of 5-hit, no run baseball. His ERA is now a minuscule 1.50 after two great starts to begin 2008.

Pelfrey effectively worked both sides of the plate and was fearless in challenging the Nats hitters, striking out Nick Johnson with the bases loaded on a terrific fastball. It was truly a watershed moment in his development and he looked absolutely fearless in executing a very strong series of pitches under pressure.

The fan in me wanted Big Pelf to come out and start the 8th to get the ovation he so richly deserved. One thing is certain: Mike Pelfrey is light years away from the scared pitcher he was in 2007. His confidence is soaring, and he looks like he has officially settled in on what could be an outstanding big league career.

Well Jose Reyes came back with a bang. The Mets pacesetter went 4 for 5 and had a great chance to hit for the cycle. All eyes were on Reyes and his balky hamstring, but he looked fine despite being picked off of first in what looked like a balk move from Nats starter Odalis Perez.

For those that watched Baseball Tonight, you heard Reyes, as the call-in guest, tell the fans, "don't worry about nothing, I feel fine"...he sure looked it.

The other hitting hero was Mr Met David Wright, who had an ultra-efficient 3 for 5 evening that included the slugger's fourth home run of the year. DW finished his night with 5 RBIs and 2 runs scored.

After starting slowly in 2007, Wright is officially staking an early claim as an MVP front runner. He now has 15 RBIs halfway through April, a great sign of what could be a record-setting season for the Mets all-star Silver Slugger.

Duaner Sanchez, aka, "The Dirty" is back. After a long, and sometimes frustrating, recovery, Dirty came on to pitch a scoreless 9th, giving up 1 hit and striking out one. His delivery, as you saw, is now a bit "different" than it was, and his velocity is down 2-3 mph, but he looked good in closing out tonight's game.

I think we'll need to take something of a wait and see attitude with Duaner, but for one night at least he looked fine.

Put it in the books and enjoy your coffee Mets fans...

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