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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Zen of Bobby V.

When I first heard of this documentary last year I was very intrigued. Bobby Valentine, for want of a better phrase, is a fascinating man.

Ballroom dance champion, star schoolboy athlete, fallen star due to injury, controversial manager, restauranteur, and icon in Japan.
--to many a Mets fan, Bobby is an icon too.

Photo courtesy of ESPN

There is a very interesting article about the documentary here in New York Magazine.

I plan on seeing this film soon and will post a full review. I'm sure it will evoke fond and not so fond memories of Bobby during his tenure with the Mets.

You can watch an exclusive clip of Bobby V in Japan here....his fluency in Japanese is terrific (as is his accent).

The official Tribeca profile of The Zen of Bobby V includes further information as well as upcoming showtimes.

The Zen of Bobby V (TribecaFilmFestival.org)
Bobby Valentine on His New Tribeca Documentary (NY Mag Interview)
The Zen of Bobby V (NY Mag Clip)

Love him or hate him (and we love him), the man is a fascinating study in human nature.

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