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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Angel Pagan: Keep on Trucking

Angel Pagan is one of the Mets early season bright spots, displaying 4 tools and an uncanny knack for going with the pitch to get on base.

That said, Willie Randolph has made it absolutely clear that Pagan will be a role player on this year's team; but how big will his role be?

Looking at history, you can see Pagan getting between 250-300 at bats this year filling in for Alou and spelling Ryan Church if required.

That's not a bad thing either--the team needs depth, and having Pagan and Endy on the bench and spot starting is going to make this team better in those dog days of summer where the players have to grind and get through the wall as they race to the pennant.
New York Mets
For now just enjoy the spark of energy and terrific attitude of Pagan...just keep on trucking Angel!

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