NY Sports Dog: 10 Reasons to Love Ryan Church

Thursday, April 17, 2008

10 Reasons to Love Ryan Church

  1. He has a career OPS+ of 114, ie, the guy can hit
  2. 68 extra-base hits in 470 at-bats in 2007
  3. Excellent range factor in the outfield, ie, the guy can field
  4. Zero errors in 54 major league right field games, and a career .993 fielding percentage
  5. He can hit lefty’s…he really can
  6. Posted a vastly superior on-base and slugging percentages after the 2007 All-Star break (.354, .532 respectively) and has continued to rake in 2008
  7. Was a pitcher in college, ie, he has a great arm
  8. Loves being a Met! Here’s the quote after he got traded: "How would you feel?" Church said with a laugh one recent morning, sitting at his locker in the Mets' star-studded clubhouse. "It was like an early Christmas present, like a weight was lifted off my shoulders."
  9. He has a .350 batting average and has hit both his HRs off lefty’s in 2008….did I mention he can hit lefty’s?
  10. My wife and teenage daughter thinks he’s hot, so they are actually watching a few innings with me this year and talking about someone else besides David Wright.

1 comment:

NY Sports Dog said...

Ryan Church needs a nickname....what do you guys think of "Rhyno"?

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