NY Sports Dog: Castillo to the 8 Hole: A Great Move

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Castillo to the 8 Hole: A Great Move

And Mets fans the world over breathe a sigh of relief. It's a great move--Castillo, we're certain, will again hit in the 2 hole at some point this year, but for now he is going to hit where he belongs.

The issue with Castillo is he simply cannot be relied upon to get on base or move runners over. His career stats tell you that he has some value on offense, but his current stats also tell you that his value is diminishing:

Luis Castillo Career Stats

For those paying attention, his OPS+ this year is a woeful 54, and remember that league average is 100. Do the Mets need Castillo to suddenly become a 120 OPS+ guy? No, but they do need him to get on base at a .350 clip and stroke the occasional line drive double.

The Sports Dog prediction? His bat comes alive in the 8 hole and everyone benefits....stay tuned!

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