NY Sports Dog: 10 Things to Do During a Mets Rainout

Monday, April 28, 2008

10 Things to Do During a Mets Rainout

  1. Re-connect with your dog...he's missed you.
  2. Re-connect with your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend...see above.
  3. Watch Game 6 on DVD.
  4. Design your own Jose Reyes handshake, and increase your happiness.
  5. Do something pretty good (that doesn't involve Mindy McCready), imagine fans are clapping crazily for you, then sit down calmly and bask in your own inner glow.
  6. Play the Joe Smith Game...take 10 tennis balls, a garbage can, and practice submarining until your elbow falls off, then grab a beer and watch the magic happen.
  7. Go to your woodshop and design an anti-bunion shoe for El Duque.
  8. Take out the garbage and clean the inside of your car...it's time.
  9. Re-read "The Bad Guys Won" and get happier than Jose executing your new perfect handshake.
  10. Go Buckner yourself.

Tomorrow is another day Mets Fans!

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