NY Sports Dog: Missing Beltran: Enormous Impact

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Missing Beltran: Enormous Impact

For all those Mets fans that still think Carlos Beltran isn't the most valuable member of the team, consider the following.

Since Carlos Beltran went on the DL:

The Mets have been shut out 3 times

The Mets have scored less than 3 runs 8 times

The Mets have scored 3 runs or less 10 times

That is a huge impact, and I for one believe it's causal despite the relatively small sample size (he's been on the DL 14 games).

Now here's the thing--I am telling you now to not give up hope.

We have to weather one more week of this and then...

Carlos Beltran comes back

Jose Reyes comes back

Ollie will be back this week, and I believe both John Maine and Carlos Delgado will be back within 3-4 weeks.

Then Putz....

Maybe Billy Wagner....

Pagan comes back soon to solidify the bench...

It is incredibly hard to be an optimist right now--and I'm not asking you for optimism--I am asking to not crucify this team right now...get to the break a few games out, and then let the health parade begin.

The Mets will win the division by 5 games.

Bookmark this and come back in late September.

I'll be here.
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Anonymous said...

I have also believed the Mets would come back by the end of the season and win the division.

What's been wearing on me is not knowing when Reyes, Beltran and Delgado would be back. It was originally said Delgado would be back by the end of July. Does that include a minor league tune-up first? I don't know.

And where did you hear that Reyes and Beltran would be back in a week?

Dave Singer said...

I didn't say a week...

They will both be back in about 2 weeks....after the break.

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