NY Sports Dog: Adam Rubin Is Too Emotionally Involved

Monday, July 27, 2009

Adam Rubin Is Too Emotionally Involved

OK, I just watched the video of Adam Rubin after the Minaya press conference.

“I’m absolutely floored,” Rubin said afterward, as other reporters crowded him, seeking his reaction to Minaya’s comments. “I don’t know how I’m going to cover the team anymore.”I obviously can't cover this team until there's a new GM".

Can't cover the team while Minaya is GM? Why? Because his feelings got hurt? Welcome to real life.

Adam needs to act like a real reporter instead of an overly emotional teenager who got left at the prom by their date.

Reporters are often at odds with those whom they target--that comes with the territory--the key here is Adam Rubin reported it right and needed to be ready for whatever reactions came his way--not to ask for or expect a pat on the back or quit because he was singled out.

What reporter would expect a compliment from an organization after working their butt off to have a member of an organization fired?

Adam Rubin would.

I actually believe Omar here in a way. Rubin certainly DOES want a job in baseball...he said that himself and admitted to asking all the Mets brass how to get a job in baseball.

Does his desire to get a job in baseball have anything to do with the reporting he did on Bernazard?

Of course not, but his gross overreaction to Minaya's unfortunate comments is a little strange.

"Thou doth protest too much".

I hope Adam Rubin remains on the Mets beat---he's a good one--I also hope he realizes that the best thing to do today would be to look folks straight in the eye, and stick to your story--the story is your body of work, and you shouldn't threaten to quit because one of the targets didn't like it!

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Anthony De Rosa said...

Rubin didn't do anything wrong, even Jeff Wilpon defended him and left Omar out to dry.

Minaya looks like the fool here. He has lost control of his subordinates, stumbles through a press conference, and doesn't even understand the nuances of public relations.

Omar had nothing to gain and everything to lose by accusing Rubin of wanting Bernazard's job. He looks petty and inept. Minaya's job is to diffuse the situation and get back to baseball, not set an entirely new and even harder to control fire.

Dave Singer said...

I think Rubin did everything right up until his overreaction afterward.

The reporting was very good, but saying he can't cover the team now with Omar as G.M.?

Holy drama queen.

Doyle said...

Oooh. NY Sports Dog is muy macho! He'd never get all emotional like some kinda woman.

If I were Rubin I'd be furious, and it's probably true that he'll have a harder time writing objectively about the Mets as long as he hates their GM's guts and everyone knows it.

But I'm sure we all recognize that if you were in that position you'd be way more Clint Eastwood about it.

paavopri said...

Sorry, Sports Dog, but you just don't get it. But you're a blogger, not a journalist, so I can't really blame you.
To a real journalist, personal integrity is the one "must have" quality. When Minaya slurred Rubin, he attacked that integrity.

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