NY Sports Dog: Jerry Manuel is Driving Me Crazy!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Jerry Manuel is Driving Me Crazy!!!

  • Tie Game
  • Bottom of the 6th
  • Bases Loaded
  • 2 Outs
Who does Jerry use to pinch hit?

Angel Berroa.

Who was on the bench?

Jeremy Reed.

On the year Reed is batting .364 as a pinch-hitter. He's 8 for 22 in that role with a .500 slg%.

Moreover, Reed's been up 10 times this year with 2 outs and RISP and he has 4 hits and 3 walks.

In his career, Berroa is 1 for 10 as a pinch hitter....actually he's now 1 for 11 after swinging and meekly grounding out on the first pitch against a guy who had walked 6 batters to that point.

Why on Earth would you pinch hit Angel Berroa over Reed in that situation?

Maybe cause it would have been lefty against lefty....oh wait, Reed is 4 for 7 against lefty's this year and Davis is actually easier to hit from the left side.

It's effin nuts!


Paul said...

Don't get too wrapped up in the numbers when the sample sizes are that small.

I would have left Livan in to hit; I think he had just as much chance of delivering as anybody on the bench.

Dave Singer said...

1 for 10 over your career may be a small sample size, but it's certainly worth noting.

Leaving Livan in to hit would have been a decent option as well given what Berroa is likely to produce.

That said, if Jerry had 100% made up his mind to use a pinch hitter, then clearly he had a better option that Berroa.

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