NY Sports Dog: Mets Wild Card Push Comes Home

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mets Wild Card Push Comes Home

After taking the last two against the Astros, the Mets still believe they can fight their way into the playoffs.

"We got a shot," Jeff Francoeur said after the Mets finished this 10-game trip 4-6. We've got 65 games left, and I guarantee you every person on this team will fight their [butts] off to the end."

The Mets will play 21 of their next 34 games at home prior to September 1st, including the next 10 in a row, and tons of key games against other Wild Card contenders.

They open this stretch against the Rockies for 4, then the DBacks for 4, and the Cards for 2 more. Then it's back on the road for 4 against the Padres and 3 against the DBacks. Following an off-day, they come back home for 4 against SF, 3 against the hated Braves, and 4 against the even more hated Phils. They then Fly to Florida for 3 and go to Chicago for 3 more and close out August with an off-day.

This has a chance to be an incredible month plus of baseball.

Besides a month of home cooking, the Mets have something else to grin about--they are hitting again. Luis Castillo is red hot, batting at a .400+ clip over the last two weeks, David Wright has found something to work from--to my untrained eye he looks like he is flexing his knees a bit more in an effort to shorten his stroke. Jeff Francoeur is hitting and driving in runs, and the roles players are chipping in where they can.

We're all still waiting on new of a Jose Reyes return, and the rumor is he'll be back by next weekend.

The light at the end of the tunnel may be dim, but there is light.

The key for the Mets is to play every game like it's their last and get to September no worse than 3-4 games back.

National League Wildcard Standings
Colorado5444.551-27-2127-23496435+61Won 27-3
San Francisco5246.531231-1521-31391368+23Lost 23-7
St. Louis5348.5252.526-2127-27444424+20Lost 24-6
Atlanta5148.5153.527-2324-25440409+31Won 17-3
Florida5148.5153.525-2426-24448460-12Won 16-4
Houston5048.510428-2522-23413441-28Lost 26-4
Milwaukee4949.500525-2424-25452467-15Lost 14-6
NY Mets4651.4747.525-2021-31413452-39Won 24-6
Cincinnati4453.4549.522-2222-31392465-73Lost 62-8
Pittsburgh4355.4391126-1917-36411434-23Lost 25-5
Arizona4356.43411.523-3120-25446477-31Won 25-5
San Diego3861.38416.524-2614-35359504-145Lost 22-8
Washington3068.3062420-3310-35420535-115Won 24-6
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