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Monday, June 7, 2010

The New Mets: Young and Hungry

Baseball is a young man's game.

Sure, you can win with an older team, but it doesn't last, and study after study has shown that the peak years for a ballplayer are between ages 25-31.

The Mets have a young core that could carry this team to big success for the next 5 years, and I would love to see them continue with this model vice previous attempts at finding lightning in a bottle with aging vets.

The current starting team is as follows:
  • C-Rod Barajas, age 34
  • 1B-Ike Davis, age 23
  • 2B-Ruben Tejada, age 20
  • 3B-David Wright, age 27
  • SS-Jose Reyes, age 26
  • LF-Jason Bay, age 31
  • CF-Angel Pagan, age 28
  • RF-Jeff Francoeur, age 26
That is an average age of 26.9.

When we look at the pitching the story gets even better.

Pelfrey  is 26, Niese is 23, Mejia is 20, Johan is only 31, and Frankie Rodriguez is 28.

While the Mets may not make the playoffs this year, their is a fantastic young core of players to work with.  We're seeing the results in the field, and the youthful energy is something that will carry this team through the dog days of summer.

Baseball, a young man's game, is on display in Queens, and it sure is fun to watch.
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