NY Sports Dog: Jerry Manuel has a Doppelganger

Friday, June 11, 2010

Jerry Manuel has a Doppelganger

Jerry Manuel has a Doppelganger, though he likely would not be flattered by the comparison.  

From Wiki:  Dr. Hassan 'Abd Allah al-Turabi (الدكتور حسن عبد الله الترابي al-Duktūr Ḥassan 'Abd Allah at-Turābī in Arabic), commonly called Hassan al-Turabi (sometimes transliterated Hassan al-Tourabi) (حسن الترابي) (born c.1932), is a religious and Islamist political leader in Sudan, who may have been instrumental in institutionalizing sharia in the northern part of the country. He has been called a "longtime hard-line ideological leader."

The two men could swap places and it might benefit both organizations.

Jerry could bring his calm personality to a fiery situation, and Al-Turabi could bring his ideology to the Mets, where it would be summarily ignored so these guys could keep playing baseball.

If nothing else we would never see a sacrifice bunt again.


kranepool said...

Just curious what is al-Turabi' bullpen philosophy?

Dave Singer said...

Use them until they die, then they get a bunch of virgins and stuff.

DanielVinyard said...

Really enjoying this Mets blog. I am a Yankees fan over at BBI, but this place really keep me informed of Mets news, and I thank you.

Dave Singer said...

Thanks Daniel.

I'm very pleased that so many Yankee fans and other BBI members find the blog useful.

Keep up the great work communicating here....you seem like a fine upstanding young man, and yes, I have the info on you, which means your attempts at masking are laughable at best.

DanielVinyard said...

Thanks Dave.

The main reason I prefer this blog is that there is no grandstanding.

It's good baseball talk, pretty funny, and an interesting point of view.

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