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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good Morning Pelf Fans!

Mike Pelfrey's career is taking off like a rocket, and Mets fans are enjoying the ride as their home grown stud becomes more like an Ace with each start.

Confident, poised, in control--these are words that weren't used to describe the tall righthander in the past, but they certainly are being applied to him now, and with regularity and good reason.

Last night the words "poised" and "in control" fit him to a tee as he quickly and efficiently worked through the Padres batting order to improve his record to a sterling 8-1with a 2.39 ERA.  His fastball in particular was overpowering and he was able to locate it with pinpoint control.

Pelfrey finished the night with 8 innings pitched and 8 Ks, a season high.  Moreover, the Padres couldn't even muster a fly ball against him--he was that good.
"He is coming into his own," Jerry Manuel said. "I think you can now start to talk about him in the same breath as other young pitchers: (Josh) Johnson, (Ubaldo) Jimenez, those of types of guys."
From a stats-perspective it can be argued that Pelfrey is now the 2nd best pitcher in the National League. He is second in MLB in wins and 9th in ERA.  His K numbers are terrific, and he has allowed 2 or fewer runs in 8 of his 2010 starts.

2010 Season Stats
Last 7 days220015.0711071320--0.93.1560.60

 A Pelf start has now become must-see TV.

For more on last night's game, see what my friends are reporting:
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