NY Sports Dog: Weather Looking "Iffy" for Shea and the Mets

Friday, May 9, 2008

Weather Looking "Iffy" for Shea and the Mets

What say you Mets fans?

Will the Mets play tonight or will the game get rained out?

Can David Wright break out of his slump?

Can Mike Pelfrey return to the form he displayed early in the season?

Will Carlos Delgado take a home curtain call?

Who is Willie going to have hit in the #2 hole?

Has your week been good or bad, and were you counting on a Friday night home game to make life just a tad bit better?

Keep those finger's crossed....early season rainouts after an off day are not a good thing!

Say it with me: No Mets Rainout!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping they get rained out, I hate these play/tarp/play/tarp games. Plus I have tickets and I didn't wanna risk the drive there and then back right away :(

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