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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's Not the Weather....Maybe.

We've all heard the weather theory as it pertains to the Mets, you know the one: "The Mets are an old team, so they have trouble playing in the cold."

I decided to do a snapshot analysis of the weather in 2008, specifically temperature, and see how the Mets fared.

On the left side of the chart is the temperature scale, and the blue line represents the game time temperature.

On the right side is the runs scored scale, and the red line indicates how many runs the Mets scored.

Bottom line:

  • In Mets wins, the average temperature was 66.07 degrees.
  • In Mets losses it was 63.17 degrees.
  • This year the Mets have averaged 4.74 runs per game.
  • In Wins they have averaged 5.93 runs per game.
  • In losses they have averaged 3.25 runs per game.
  • In games below 60 degrees, they have averaged 4.8 runs per game.
  • In games above 70 degrees they have averaged 6.35
  • In games below 60 degrees the Mets have a 7-3 record.
  • In gamed above 70 degrees the Mets have a 5-3 record.
My thoughts? It is a very small sample size, but the Mets do put up more runs in warmer weather. That said, their record is actually better in the colder games.

I am going to follow this trend all season and add in some variables, so stay tuned.

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