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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Mets, The Mets, The Mets

One bit of good news to start off your day. Brian Schneider's thumb has gone from this to this:

I think having him back on the field will help a ton.

Yesterday was brutal. Ollie Perez absolutely melted down in what could have been his easiest game of the year.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that there isn't all that much to say this morning. It was a "bad beat", and you just have to chalk it up to one of those things. How often does a game get delayed 40 minutes for a freakin water main break?

It was an omen.

Apparently Ramon Castro tweaked his leg again yesterday....unbelievable. Hope for the best, but word is he walked really slowly off the field after injuring himself last night in a rehab game.

The Broadway opening of Angel Pagan and the Mets defense yesterday in their new hit "Fielding Follies" was a real crowd pleaser.

Oh good! Billy Wagner is starting to rip his teammates in public....that always goes over well.

Anyway, let's make something happen in Arizona....we did win three in a row before yesterday's beating, so all is not lost on this writer...win another series, play another game, fight the good fight always.


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