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Friday, May 2, 2008

Fire Willie Randolph? No!

Mets manager Willie Randolph before a Mets/Devil Rays spring training game at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.Image via WikipediaOne month into the season and the "Fire Willie Randolph" brigade is in full force.

This morning there's an article in the New York Sun by Tim Marchman that tries to stoke the "fire".

The Bergen Record's Steve Popper tells us that "Willie's honeymoon is over".

So why should they keep him? There are several reasons, foremost among them that Willie's teams have won.

Plain and simple, they have won.

Managerial Record Glossary

 Year    League   Team     Age  G     W    L    WP   Finish
2005 NL East NewYorkM 50 162 83 79 .512 3
2006 NL East NewYorkM 51 162 97 65 .599 1
2007 NL East NewYorkM 52 162 88 74 .543 2
2008 NL East NewYorkM 53 26 14 12 .538 2
TOTAL 512 282 230 .551
At 14-12, with injuries that have hampered Carlos Beltran, forced Brian Schneider, El Duque, Moises Alou, Matt Wise, Ramon Castro and Pedro to the DL, the Mets have won.

With slow offensive starts by Reyes and Carlos Delgado, the Mets have won.

With Ollie Perez reverting to "Bad Ollie", the Mets have won.

With Aaron Heilman pitching the worst relief of his career, the Mets have won.

With inexplicably bad defense from Jose Reyes, the Mets have won.

If Willie were to be fired, it should have happened right after last season. By bringing him back based on his strong 2006 and the Mets overall strong 2007, they have stated that Willie is the man.

Let's get everyone back, or at least Schnieder, Alou and Pedro, and see what Willie's Mets can do.

In my opinion, the bellweather for this team is playing with a full squad and seeing where we are at the All-Star break, which is the week of 11-15 July.

If the Mets are at, or very near, the top of the NL East, you keep fighting the good fight.

If not, then you maybe, just maybe, make a move.

You don't do it in May.

You don't even talk about it in May.....unless you're a young Big Stein.

Willie deserves at least half a season with the 2008 squad...at least.

Did I mention the Mets have won with Willie?

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