NY Sports Dog: The Mets Crystal Ball of Momentum

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Mets Crystal Ball of Momentum

I love momentum and really feel like the Mets have "it" right now. So what does the crystal ball of momentum show us?

Current Mets record: 22-19 (OK, thanks Yanks)
Road Trip prognosis: 5-2 (good!)
Post Road Trip record: 27-21 (pretty good!)

We get Pedro back after the road trip. (awesome!)

Mets play .600 ball the rest of the season. (damn good!)

Result: 95.4 wins (so 95 or 96 wins)

Good enough to win the division and go make some noise.

Or the Mets could get swept by the Braves....

Then again I also predicted Butch Huskey would be a perennial all-star, so what do I know?


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