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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Johan Santana Injury Report

Is he injured, hurt, bruised, or all of the above? We'll really know today, but I vote for bruise and zero starts missed.

For those that watched the game, it didn't look too bad.

For those that like hype, like the media, it looked catastrophic. To whit:

There are two articles on MLB.com that are making this thing sound far worse than it is, and here are a few quotes and headlines:

"SAN DIEGO -- A decidedly left-handed man, Johan Santana extended his right hand into a small bag, removed lip gloss of some kind and applied it with his right hand. A few moments earlier Friday night, the Mets pitcher slid his arms into a shirt, clearly favoring his left arm. Underneath that shirt, on the front of his left shoulder, he wore a bandage, specially medicated to eliminate inflammation."

And here is the headline from another article:

"Santana hurt as Mets suffer tough loss!"

OK guys, let's bring this down a notch.

Yes, Santana was hit by a pitch in his left shoulder, and it was a solid hit.

He also stayed in the at-bat, and came out and pitched another inning.

Will it be bruised? Of course. But to jump around this morning inferring he has some type of major injury is irresponsible.

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