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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mets Magic Number

With 8 games left in the season the Mets have two magic numbers.

The first is the big one, and it's 9.

A combination of Mets wins/Phillies losses that equals 9 gets them the NL East title and a showdown, most likely, with the Dodgers, who are pulling away from the Diamondbacks. It would also give them homefield advantage based on record.

The second one is 6, and it gets the Mets into the playoffs as the wildcard.

A combination of Mets wins/Brewers losses that equals 6 would give the Mets a chance to go to Chicago to face the powerful Cubs.

In the "beggers can't be choosers" world of Mets pennant races, both scenarios would be just fine. The Mets match up well with the Cubs, and the Dodgers seem to have found a nice groove.

The mission for the Mets: just win the games....let the magic take care of itself.

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