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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Talk Me Off the Ledge: Bengie Molina

All of the pundits are saying the signing of Bengie Molina is not only imminent, but that's it's also a foregone conclusion, and that the deal will be a compromise 2-year package.

Why, why, why?

This is the same Bengie Molina that put up the following stats in 2009:

  • .189 BA with 2 outs and RISP
  • .225 BA and .250 OBP on the road
  • 3 walks in 312 plate appearances in the first half of the season
  • .165 BA and .183 OBP in games played that his team lost
  • In 14 plate appearances in which he worked the count to 3-1, he walked twice
  • .286 OBP with RISP
  • When he faced a SP the third time in a game, he hit .194 wit a .212 OBP
What's even worse, is that his fielding stats have declined and he was worse than league average as a catcher.

Finally, he threw out 23% of basestealers.

Some pro-Molina folks point to the 80 RBIs as proof of his production, but they fail to mention this: he bat cleanup the entire year! That means he had more men on base than anyone else in that lineup, yet only put up 80 RBIs, largely because of his putrid 86 OPS+.

I've been hoping beyond hope that all the Bengie Molina talk would fade away, but not only hasn't it faded, the Mets are actually going to sign this terrible athlete, hitter and sub-par fielder.

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Anonymous said...

Agree. He's Omir Santos with a reputation.

Anonymous said...

Don't have an acount here, hence I'm posting as another anonymous.

Dave, you're cherry picking your stats. If it's bad, you've posted it. You never bothered posting his .290 career BA with Runners in Scoring position, his .275 BA with 2 outs RISP, and .295 BA Late and Close. He has World Series ring,
2 gold gloves, career 32% caught stealing rate. He had 4 passed balls in 2009, 5 errors. He has career CERA of 4.15, MLB average is 4.44, and

His problems are not lack of ability - but lack of fitness and he needs to man up there.

To Anonymous #1 - I think comparing him to Santos, who has played in 107 big league games vs. Molina's 1,172 is rather lame.

Dave Singer said...

Good post...I didn't cherry pick his stats, I used his 2009 stats, whereas you used his career stats for the most part.

Lastly, while I commend him for having few passed balls in 2009 and a very good CERA, I'd argue that his CERA was as much a result of the staff that threw to him as anything else.

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