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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Love Delgado, But...

You're going to hear a lot from the blogs today about Delgado's HR and his lofty .364 BA and .417 OBP....those are terrific numbers for a player coming back.

But at least consider this: he hit his homerun off Todd Moser.

Yes, THAT Todd Moser (You're forgiven if you've never heard of him).

Todd Moser pitched in the Independent Leagues since 2005, the majority of his "professional" career.

The 33-year old Moser's complete stats can be found here.

Now in Moser's defense, he did lead the Chinese Professional Baseball League in saves in 2007 with 13.

And the best part, the scouting report:

"Despite his size, Moser is considered a finesse pitcher with the changeup being his most effective pitch. He also throws a two-seam fastball that sits in the upper 80s, a curve and slider."

So great for Delgado--I really want him back here, but let's at least temper our enthusiasm a bit when talking about the homerun.


Anonymous said...

Cool. I didn't know Todd Moser was still playing. (Yes, I actually do remember him from his days with the Somerset Patriots.)

The numbers for Delgado aren't important -- at least until the Todd Mosers of the world start to get him out with regularity.

What is important is Delgado's health. If you can even get the 2007 version of Delgado back, I think he'd offer more production than Daniel Murphy.

The Mets need a left-handed slugger to balance their lineup, and there aren't many other options available.

Dave Singer said...

I agree--the numbers aren't important, it's all about how he looks and feels and, most importantly, moves.

That said, it's pretty funny how the mania ramps up because of what was essentially a BP homerun.

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