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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let's Play Lineup

One of the most talked about items going into the season is "what will the Mets lineup look like on Opening day?"

My money's on...

Jose Reyes, SS, SW
Luis Castillo, 2B, SW
David Wright, 3B, RH
Carlos Beltran, CF, SW
Jason Bay, LF, RH
Carlos Delgado, 1B, LH
Jeff Francoeur, RF, RH
Bengie Molina, C, RH
Johan Santana, P, LH

While many Mets fans may be down on that lineup, there is no question it has the potential for greatness, or at least "very goodness", but it also comes with a fair share of questions.

  • Will Jose Reyes come back fully healed and capable of playing 150+ games?
  • Same question--Carlos Beltran.
  • Can David Wright truly return to form, or will 2010 be another frustrating year?
  • Will the Mets re-sign Delgado to an incentive laden deal, and if so, what will his production look like?
  • Is Jeff Francoeur the .311 BA hitter the Mets had for a few months, or the .282 OBP player that was essentially let go by the Braves.
  • Does Bengie Molina get done, and is a little bit of power enough for a guy that struggles to get on base and is fairly average defensively at this point? (threw out 23% of basestealers last year)
Personally, I want Daniel Murphy no where near the Mets starting lineup--too many holes in his game--if the Mets don't think Delgado is worth the risk, then a very difficult decision will have to be made, to include going with Ike Davis now.

Davis turns 23 in March, and the time might be now vice 2011. There's also Chris Carter, who played over half of his minor league games at 1B.

I'll ask you this...are you ready for another year of Daniel Murphy?
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Anonymous said...

I'm ready to give Murph another shot if Carlos Delgado doesn't look healthy in Puerto Rico.

Your Opening Day lineup looks pretty realistic to me, though.

I'm worried about all the strikeouts, but I think it will be the starting rotation that dooms the 2010 Mets to a third or fourth place finish.

Dave Singer said...

Paul...great website! I'd lie to add you to my list.

I agree about the Ks, it's not a strength of the lineup, but I do think we have enough high OBP guys to make up for some deficits.

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