NY Sports Dog: Good Morning Mets Fans

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good Morning Mets Fans

After our hiatus, NY Sports Dog will be back on 1 January all the way through the 2010 World Series championship for the Mets.

Thanks for the notes and e-mails over the past 3 months--to let you know I just needed a break from blog life after the season.

Like you, I also have a real job, and the demands of that ratcheted up immensely this Summer and into the Fall. Thankfully all is well on that front!

Hope all my friends and reader's are having a great holiday!

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Mack said...

you were on hiatus ????

Dave Singer said...

LOL....well, hiatus from blogging...got promoted at work and life got real busy real quick...things have settled down, and I am getting really pumped up for the Mets 2010 campaign.

Mack said...

don't get too pumped... it's third place time again

Dave Singer said...

Mets are gonna shock the world!

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