NY Sports Dog: Gary, Keith and Ron Main Event: Free Tickets!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gary, Keith and Ron Main Event: Free Tickets!

Our friends at Gary, Keith and Ron have just announced their latest offer, and it's a BIG one!


When you by 6 GKR t-shirts, you get two tickets to our October 3rd main event! (think Christmas gifts) Scrumptious appetizers and snacks... You will stand on the field's warning track during the National Anthem in your GKR gear. You'll have a chance to win thrilling, one-of-a-kind prizes in our $5 raffles, and now you might even have a chance to attend a player signing! Stay tuned for details!

Plans for the GKR 2nd year-end fundraiser get better by the day.

Not to mention they have more surprises in store for you...

Act now to (Click Here) buy your 6 t-shirts or your tickets to spend this glorious day at the ballpark with your GKR friends and fellow supporters. Please tell us in the message box at check out that you are taking advantage of our crazy offer !

AND - Our 476th ticket buyer wins a visit to the SNY broadcast booth!

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